In this course, you will learn how to make this exclusive butter and oil formulation. The beauty of body butter is its versatility and ability to provide intense moisture. Body Butters are rich in emollient butters and offer excellent skin conditioning benefits.

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Budget friendly start-up

We'll show you affordable ingredients and equipment to use (you probably have them already) and how with just a small budget you can create effective natural skin care products that people will love.

Fast & Quick

This complete range of preservative free products are fast and efficient to produce. This means you make a great selection of beautiful body products and get them to market fast!

Income - Earning

Creating a range of products within your business means you can be selling multiple products rather than a single sale, giving you a higher source of sustainable revenue.

What you will get:

Step by step video tutorials for all the core methods as well as the fundamental information and skills

No time limits on course completion or course access

Full access to tutor support

Downloadable and printable information guides and recipes

Comprehensive formulation guides

Top tips for better results